A fully integrated, heavy-duty coffee destoner.

Coffee Tech Engineering’s destoner works on a gravity principle by using the light weight of the coffee beans to detect other foreign objects that might be found, such as stones and metals. De-stoner is equipped with an adjustable large-volume air blower, creating a vacuum tunnel for separating the coffee beans from heavier-weight foreign particles. Consequently, we receive a clean product containing 100% pure coffee, without risking our customers or their equipment.

This destoner is built using heavy-duty materials, calibrated to the highest accuracy achievable. Thanks to its clever design and engineering, a correct ratio between the beans’ screen, their surface area and the quantity of air is maintained, making the destoner sensitive to the smallest stones that might be found inside the coffee. The user regulation interface is performed from your Coffee-Tech Engineering roaster’s touch screen or using the Destoners digital frequency inverter for consistency, repeatability, and accuracy, and with a resolution of 0.1Hz you can be certain that your destoner will perform its task to perfect guaranteed results.


The Destoner is fully integrated onto your roaster, connected directly to the beans’ exit from the cooling pan. Evacuating the cooled beans directly to the de-stoner without a middle stop in the process. All you need to do is to open the cooling group door and push the de-stoner button. The operation switch, de-stoner power alimentation and frequency inverter interface are all integrated with the machine, and you will need no extra infrastructure or installation.

Small footprint

The destoner excels in a small footprint to save floor space at your roastery.


Coffee-Tech is always thinking about the roastery’s day-to-day routine and performance and how we can improve and achieve higher efficiency. That’s why we integrated the Destoners operation from the roaster’s touchscreen control panel. As a roast master, working at the roastery you could be multi-tasking all day long. This includes operating the roaster, preparing the next batches, and making sure you are keeping your roaster working continuously. These batches won’t be preparing themselves, so operating the gear from one central point is something that you will enjoy and benefit from, eliminating the need to move between different control boxes and switches.

Why you need a Destoner

From the moment the coffee beans are picked until they reach the consumer’s serving cup, it takes a long road with several stopping points where the beans need to be processed and sorted. These processes include harvesting, picking, conveying, carrying, drying, washing, pulping, sorting, bagging, and transporting to the green beans’ warehouse.

Coffee, as with many other natural commodities, contains a minor percentage of particles such as small stones, falling pieces of metal from machinery, wooden sticks, and similar. Despite the sorting and bagging process, some foreign objects find their way into the coffee bag and the beans inside, and eventually end up in landing inside the coffee roaster drum.

All coffee beverages require roasting and grinding before preparation.

If a stone or a similar foreign object reaches the grinder, it might cause severe mechanical damage or even complete dysfunction of the grinder itself. Moreover, it can endanger the roastery’s reputation and harm the brand value in the eyes of the consumer.

The purpose of the destoner is to separate these stones and particles from the roasted coffee before the roasted beans are bagged or ground.

Technology & Features

fz94 pro lab roaster

Blower Speed Control

Electronic drum venting control, setting convective heat percentage while roasting

Technical Specifications


Stainless steel/Carbon steel

Electrical Specifications

Single phase 220-240VAC 50/60hz

Holding capacity

30Kg (66 lb)


100Kg (220 lb)


74(w) X 40(d) X 1950(h) cm / 29(w) X 16(d) X 768(h) Inch

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Support & Sales Inquiries

For support and sales inquiries, kindly reach out to James or Peter using the information below. For service, repairs, and installations, please get in touch with Ray from Cellar-Tek Services.

James Balfour

Sales & Roaster Training

[email protected]


james at coffee tek

James credits a pour-over in a Pacific Northwest coffee shop with opening his eyes to the world of fine coffee – and to a new and different style – bright, acidic & fruity coffee.

He had been enjoying brewing coffee in everything from a French Press, AeroPress and Moka-pot, but this pour-over experience was an awakening, and things haven’t been the same for him since the first sip of that pour-over.

When asked what his go-to coffee is these days, his answer is - It depends...... He’s partial to pour-overs, especially in the warmer months where the bright, fresh characteristics can shine through. He also loves espresso - describing it as a magnifying glass for flavours.

James has been an amateur coffee roaster for over 2 years and has completed his Level 1 Certification in Coffee Roasting. He spends a lot of time at Red Bird Roasting, working on perfecting his roasting game!

Peter Glockner

Sales & Marketing

[email protected]


peter glockner at coffee tek

With his first “A-HA” moment fueled by an order of “traditional cappuccino” at The Bean Scene in 1998, and armed with a Fresh Roast SR300 coffee roaster and a Saeco Estro Vapore espresso maker, Peter has been conducting smokey coffee-roasting experiments at home for over 25 years.

He prefers bolder flavoured coffee with unique flavours that can still stand out when a bit of steamed milk is added to the mix. He typically makes an espresso in the morning using test roasts from Red Bird Roasting. His go-to at work is an espresso from a Pavoni manual lever-style machine mixed with a bit of hot water to make a strong Americano.

Pete loves sharing his passion with his family each Christmas by roasting them a custom bag of coffee that he feels most closely resembles their personality and including those tasting notes overlayed on an old family photo of them for the label.

Powell Maxfield

Equipment Sales & Engineering

[email protected]


powell at coffee tek

Powell remembers getting up early to go to work with his Dad, and on the first day, they arrived to work a half-hour early. He was surprised to find a break room full of his dad’s colleagues who had arrived at work well before opening in order to enjoy a cup of coffee, converse and connect as a team. As Powell recalls, “It was a culture I had never seen before. I poured a coffee and blended into the group. The coffee looking back was not the best, but the first experience is engrained in my mind.”

Since then, Powell’s love of coffee has been fostered throughout his travels. His first “A-HA” moment with coffee was when he had an authentic cappuccino for the first time at a small café in Italy. He describes the rich, creamy espresso paired with frothy milk as a “revelation” – perfectly balanced flavour and textures. From that moment on, he was hooked on fine coffee and began exploring brewing methods and coffee profiles.

Powell is an experienced engineering & sales professional with a background in various mechanical equipment & working with customers on equipment solutions. With over a decade of experience in the beverage industry, he’s ready to put his experience to work for you!

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