Solar Eco Shop Roaster

solar eco shop roaster

Solar Eco Shop Roaster

solar eco shop roaster

2Kg Batch Capacity

solar shop roaster

Electric Heating

silon zr7 shop roaster

Touch Screen Control

The most advanced Shop Roaster in the World!

The Solar Shop Roaster was launched in 2006 as the third addition to the innovative Shop Roasters line. As an automated roaster that everyone can use regardless of roasting experience, the innovative machine showed early promise. Staying current with state-of-the-art technology, each generation of the Solar Shop Roaster has been more precise and more intuitive than the last. After several generations of design and manufacturing upgrades, we maintain that no other shop roaster can challenge the technology or results of the Solar Shop Roaster.

A fully automatic roaster that roasts 2 kg of raw coffee beans at the push of a button. Thanks to computerized control and advanced structural design the Solar Eco presents several technological breakthroughs.

Combining no less than four different methods of roasting, the Solar Eco takes advantage of the strong points of each method. Combining conductive and radiating heat sources allows individual, consistent “thermal treatment” for all bean types while roasting, regardless of size, density, or humidity.

The Solar Eco presents a unique ability to roast pre-mixed green coffee to the highest universal standards of roasting. The automatic roasting profile follows the process of traditional coffee roasting precisely. Advanced technology assures that the emulation of the traditional process is completely and accurately repeated with every roasted batch. This means that everyone can roast coffee to the highest standards with no effort or advanced know-how, getting the best results every time.

Changing roast profiles requires only the pressing of a button according to the user’s desire. The Solar Eco employs remarkably accurate dual temperature monitoring. This is coupled with built-in roast management software and an easy-to-use touchscreen control interface, allowing modifications to the roasting process. The Solar Eco also boasts a significant reduction in the amount of smoke released while roasting.

  • Best Shop Roaster – for cafés, grocery stores, bakeries, coffee shops, chains of specialty coffee, micro-roasters, etc.
  • 2kg true batch capacity – 2+ batches/hour or up to 5 batches every 2 hours.
  • Plug & Play – fully electric roaster with no gas connections required.
  • Prize-winning product – “Best New Product of the Show Award” at the SCAE Expo in France-Nice.
  • Innovative – World’s first one-push-button-operated 2kg shop roaster – fully automated.
  • Consistent– 100% repeatable roasting profiles guaranteed with a push of a button.
  • Quiet – quiet operation adapted to working in any retail environment.
  • Professional – heavy-duty drum-based roaster allows for continuous roasting without stopping to cool down the machine.
  • Reliable – Solar model has been on the market for over 15 years, built by an award-winning, renowned company with over 25 years of coffee roaster manufacturing experience.
  • Quality built – professional drum-based roasting that follows the process of traditional coffee roasting.
  • Heavy duty– 100% metal industrial-grade craftsmanship.
  • Small footprint– countertop-ready small footprint, easily portable, perfect for a mobile roasting cart as well.
  • Touch screen interface – intuitive and user-friendly.
  • Operator safety – Built-in heatshield protection.
  • Language options – selection from; English, Spanish, German, and French.
  • 20 custom profiles – create, save and recall roasting profiles for repeatable consistency from batch to batch.
  • Custom logo – (optional) Add your company logo to the roaster.
  • 2 Roast counters – permanent and resettable counters to monitor your daily/monthly and historic number of batches roasted.

Thousands of Solar coffee roasters have been sold worldwide to incredibly delighted customers. Years of additional experience and development have helped Coffee-Tech reach perfection with the Solar Eco, which is the world’s most advanced automated shop roasting machine.

Technology & Features

solar shop roaster

Drum Roasting

The primary roasting method in this roaster is drum roasting conduction.

solar shop roaster

Fluid Bed Roasting

In addition to drum roasting, this roaster incorporates fluid bed roasting.

solar shop roaster

Conduction Heating

Heat is delivered by direct contact between the beans and the hot surface of the drum.

solar shop roaster

Convection Heating

Hot air is forced through the beans.

solar shop roaster


Operation is run automatically and handled by Automatic Roasting Management Software.

solar shop roaster

Electric Heating

Preserving the highest roasting quality utilizing only electricity. Safe, Green, Reliable, no gas required.

solar shop roaster


(Optional) An efficient and green smoke elimination system.

solar shop roaster

Low Energy Consumption

Energy efficient product, low electricity consumption

solar shop roaster

Green Product

This product excels in its low rates of emission and air pollution.

solar shop roaster

In-Drum Positive Pressure

Positive drum pressure helps maintain the natural aromas and fragrances of your beans throughout the roasting process.

solar shop roaster

Thermosiphon Heat Exchange

Heat and steam rise from the drum and beans towards the colder space and exchange heat

solar shop roaster

Manual Safety Crank

The manual safety crank allows you to manually evacuate your beans should your roaster lose its power supply.

solar eco shop roaster


Touchscreen control system allows you full, simplified control and monitoring of your roasting process.

solar shop roaster

Infrared Drum

Special drum designed to produce a stronger taste with higher levels of caramelized sugars and excel in rapid roasting times. Two separate layers of perforated mild steel, the inner one promoting an improved grip of the beans, ensuring advanced agitation and a larger contact surface area between the beans and the heating source. High-frequency, infrared radiation emanating from the heat source is applied to the beans via the perforated layers.

Technical Specifications


100% metal structure.

Batch Capacity

2 kg (4.4 lbs.) of green coffee.

Roasting Cycle

16-18 minutes for a 2 kg full-capacity batch.

Quality and Safety Compliance


Electrical Specifications

220-240 Volts, 50/60 Hz, 3300 Watt single phase.


Safety drum discharger.

Heating Method

Infrared radiation, convection, conduction, thermo-siphoned heat.

Process Quality Control

Large Pyrex lens for easy monitoring of your roasting progress. Digital, double temperature controller for complete control over your roasting temperature range.


Single duct 4” standard diameter. The machine’s exhaust is attached with quick-release thumb nuts for easy cleaning.


Emptying and periodical cleaning of the chaff collector and exhaust tubing only, the chaff blower does not need to be cleaned.

Duct Diameter

Cyclone duct – 100 mm

Outlet temperature

Cyclone outlet – standard temp 150°C Maximum temp 200°C

Noise Level

Remarkably silent.

Roasting Method

Rotating drum with a limited fluid bed.

Roasting Temperature

180°C- 200°C standard, 220°C maximum

Drum Motor

Direct drive heavy-duty gear motor. 1/8 HP, AC


Cooling in-drum and outer cooling group.


58(w) X 76(d) X 86(h) cm / 23(w) X 30(d) X 34(h) Inch


41kg (90.4 lb)

Operation Method

Programmable, automated operation of heating elements and digital frequency inverters for controlling convection ratio (airflow blower) & drum speed.

Heating Source

Specially made, metal, high-temperature infrared heating elements. (3X1000 Watt)

Chaff Collection

Detachable, 100% efficiency, centrifugal cyclone made of welded heavy gauge steel, with quick-release thumb nuts for thorough cleaning.

Air volume

Cyclone exhaust – 200CFM at max
50CFM at average usage

Customer Testimonials

The Cheesy Corner Logo

The Cheesy Corner

Artisan Cheese, Coffee & Gourmet Food Shop in Stayner, Ontario Canada.


“We’re very happy with our new roaster!

We’ve started roasting with the Solar Eco and Avirnaki Smoke Elimination System and are coming up with fantastic coffee. You can smell the coffee roasting, but absolutely no smoke. The setup went smoothly — thanks for the walk-through, Peter and James!

It’s fool-proof. There are good presets, but you have the ability to come up with your own personal roast. If you are just starting out and are a beginner like us on how to roast, this is for you.”

David & Phyllis Cook

External Reviews


Many places want to roast their own coffee for various reasons: standing out amongst the many, stepping up professionally, expanding the coffees available, offering fresh coffee, and raising coffee sales. These include: Cafés, bakeries, coffee chains, coffee academies, specialty coffee shops, retail venues, supermarkets and, actually, any surrounding where time efficiency is important to maintain, and that can be any existing business.

Quality: Roasting in-house is your own personal stamp of quality. By roasting your own coffee you’re sending a clear and visible message to your customers that you know what you’re doing, that you are a professional. Just like restaurants with an open kitchen, you should be proud to show your customers the processes by which you transform the raw material (green coffee beans) into that wonderful elixir in their cup.

Freshness: The single, most important aspect of roasted coffee is freshness. Roasted coffee beans oxidize and become stale over a very short period of time. If you’ve ever tasted a fresh cup of coffee, you already know this. No matter what the brew method is, coffee is best when it’s fresh. Roasting your own coffee is as fresh as it gets.

Food cost: Roasted coffee costs more than green coffee. That’s a fact. And once you start creating your own products you can be sure that you’ll also be selling more of them.

No, you don’t. Coffee-Tech has many years of experience in the coffee industry, and they know what it’s like to run a café. There are dozens of things to do, on a daily basis, other than roast your own coffee. The Solar Shop Roaster is intended exactly for those who want to roast their own coffee but without needing to read many books, attend costly seminars and gain years of experience. It took Coffee-tech years of R&D until we finished the Solar Shop Roaster, and their best proof of excellence is the hundreds of satisfied customers with over one thousand machines roasting automatically around the world. The Solar Shop Roaster is living proof that anybody can roast their own coffee.

In any circumstance someone has the need or desire for roasting by themselves, but not the time or experience to do so manually.

Two issues should be known:

  1. Roasting coffee in a small batch manual machine requires skills, attention and lots and lots of time.
  2. The challenge of repeatability with the roasting results.

The Solar Shop Roaster produces better coffee than any other roasting machine in the market, and this fact was determined in a laboratory by unbiased coffee specialists.

The Solar is a synergetic machine – its’ different elements work together to create an artisan-crafted roast.

Three electric heating elements sit, meticulously placed, below a perforated drum. A built-in roasting management software controls the roasting cycle while using the temperature as a reference point, as opposed to time as a reference.

During the roast, the Solar Shop Roaster applies four different types of thermal treatment to the beans – conduction, convection, thermosiphonic and infra-red.

The Solar Shop Roaster is the only shop roaster in the world that combines the two different methods of roasting (drum conduction and hot air convection) during the roast cycle while delivering the best of both methods.

Throughout the roast, every two minutes the Solar Shop Roaster implements fluid-bed roasting for exactly six seconds. We’ve placed the Solar’s blower at the bottom of the machine so that when hot air is forced upon the beans, it actually condenses the air inside the drum, thus eliminating differences in bean size, density, and humidity. This is one of the reasons the Solar Shop Roaster is perfect for roasting blended green coffee, in addition to single-origins.

The Solar Shop Roaster comes with roasting management software of its own, embedded inside the machine. The Solar Shop Roaster does not have to be connected to anything at all; the whole of the software is embedded in the machine’s core system and is controlled by an onboard computer. The Solar Shop Roaster allows superb roasting of single-origins as well as blends, while profiling is conducted by the simple push of a button, allowing the roaster to achieve one of the main goals of every roaster – consistency. Add to this the fact that the Solar Shop Roaster performs in-drum cooling and then stops automatically and you have the ultimate shop roasting system available.

The Solar Shop Roaster was built from start to finish, with you, the user in mind. It’s made to reduce hassle, rarely needing replacements or spare parts, and lasts a lifetime. At the end of the day, a good machine is a ‘smart and simple’ machine.

For this reason, we’ve made the Solar Shop Roaster maintenance-free and easy to service, should it need to be. Ordinary maintenance is the simplest you could ask for, we even use thumb-nuts for quick and easy release on the detachable parts of the machine. No need for special solvents, tools, or technical knowledge to keep the Solar up and running for years to come.

The Solar Shop Roaster has the capability to roast continuously. You are more than able to roast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Many of our customers use the Solar Shop Roaster to roast up to 200 Kg (450 lbs.) a month. Chances are that you and your employees will tire before the Solar Shop Roaster does. As long as the simple maintenance is performed, the Solar Shop Roaster is good to go.

Many places can simply have a duct (chimney) connected to the Solar Shop Roaster and tunnel the smoke to the outside. In other places, this is not a possibility. But, with the Coffee-Tech Avirnaki smoke elimination system, (sold separately) you can roast indoors without the need for ducting. The Avirnaki cleans 100% of the Solar Shop Roaster’s emissions.

Roasting coffee indoors was, for a long time, a serious problem for locations without a duct. It usually involved setting up clumsy and expensive venting arrangements, and over time, deterioration of the venting could damage the quality of the roast. Venting arrangements require periodical maintenance & service, and in general, cause a big headache to owners and operators.

Thanks to the Avirnaki, Coffee-tech’s revolutionary smoke elimination system, this problem is no more. The Avirnaki is a wheeled smoke trapping system which also serves as a connected table-top for our shop roasters. It’s simple, easy to use, and requires the simplest cleaning procedures while making roasting indoors easy for anyone, anywhere, any time.

Believe it or not – quieter than a typical microwave oven!

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Additional information

Weight100 lbs
Dimensions28 × 35 × 39 in

Support & Sales Inquiries

For support and sales inquiries, kindly reach out to James or Peter using the information below. For service, repairs, and installations, please get in touch with Ray from Cellar-Tek Services.

James Balfour

Sales & Roaster Training

[email protected]


james at coffee tek

James credits a pour-over in a Pacific Northwest coffee shop with opening his eyes to the world of fine coffee – and to a new and different style – bright, acidic & fruity coffee.

He had been enjoying brewing coffee in everything from a French Press, AeroPress and Moka-pot, but this pour-over experience was an awakening, and things haven’t been the same for him since the first sip of that pour-over.

When asked what his go-to coffee is these days, his answer is - It depends...... He’s partial to pour-overs, especially in the warmer months where the bright, fresh characteristics can shine through. He also loves espresso - describing it as a magnifying glass for flavours.

James has been an amateur coffee roaster for over 2 years and has completed his Level 1 Certification in Coffee Roasting. He spends a lot of time at Red Bird Roasting, working on perfecting his roasting game!

Peter Glockner

Sales & Marketing

[email protected]


peter glockner at coffee tek

With his first “A-HA” moment fueled by an order of “traditional cappuccino” at The Bean Scene in 1998, and armed with a Fresh Roast SR300 coffee roaster and a Saeco Estro Vapore espresso maker, Peter has been conducting smokey coffee-roasting experiments at home for over 25 years.

He prefers bolder flavoured coffee with unique flavours that can still stand out when a bit of steamed milk is added to the mix. He typically makes an espresso in the morning using test roasts from Red Bird Roasting. His go-to at work is an espresso from a Pavoni manual lever-style machine mixed with a bit of hot water to make a strong Americano.

Pete loves sharing his passion with his family each Christmas by roasting them a custom bag of coffee that he feels most closely resembles their personality and including those tasting notes overlayed on an old family photo of them for the label.

Powell Maxfield

Equipment Sales & Engineering

[email protected]


powell at coffee tek

Powell remembers getting up early to go to work with his Dad, and on the first day, they arrived to work a half-hour early. He was surprised to find a break room full of his dad’s colleagues who had arrived at work well before opening in order to enjoy a cup of coffee, converse and connect as a team. As Powell recalls, “It was a culture I had never seen before. I poured a coffee and blended into the group. The coffee looking back was not the best, but the first experience is engrained in my mind.”

Since then, Powell’s love of coffee has been fostered throughout his travels. His first “A-HA” moment with coffee was when he had an authentic cappuccino for the first time at a small café in Italy. He describes the rich, creamy espresso paired with frothy milk as a “revelation” – perfectly balanced flavour and textures. From that moment on, he was hooked on fine coffee and began exploring brewing methods and coffee profiles.

Powell is an experienced engineering & sales professional with a background in various mechanical equipment & working with customers on equipment solutions. With over a decade of experience in the beverage industry, he’s ready to put his experience to work for you!

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